Trying again, but with a Broody **UPDATE**

Discussion in 'Incubating & Hatching Eggs' started by marie_martin, Jan 11, 2008.

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    Feb 21, 2007
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    Well, I am sure some of you remember my failed attempts to incubate shipped eggs. I got a few here and there to hatch, but not very successful at it. Anyway, I now have a broody silkie sitting on 7 eggs which I did not really intend to hatch, due to the fact that some are a mix of frizzled silkie and sizzle roo, so might end up with the brittle feathers. No way to differentiate them from the reg. silkie eggs. So, I have some that came in today from Jaynie in AL to replace these. Here is my problem, I don't know now if I want to throw the eggs out that are under her. After all, there is a chance that I will get all reg. silkies or whatever. I mean how many double frizzled can I get out of 7 eggs when there are 3 silkies laying right? Only one silkie is frizzled. So that means, I have to take them out and incubate them because I think the shipped ones will do better under the hen. So I guess I will have to put the others in the bator. But I don't know. This is so hard. Anyway, they are on day 4 so there should be some veins or something, I will have to see what my heart tells me. I guess I will be on baby watch for the next few weeks either way. So keep me in your thoughts. Then in March I start baby watch for my nigerian dwarf goats. So I will be busy for a while. Just wanted to check in. Keep your fingers crossed.

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    [​IMG] Whichever you decide, good luck!! [​IMG]
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    Don't ya hate those tough decisions.... I do. Good luck with your choices.

    I have a silkie sitting on 5 eggs in the extra bedroom and two incubators hooked up... It was the lesser of two evils and I couldn't

    Julie [​IMG]
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    LOL, Marie that is why they call it an addiction. I think I would set at least a couple of the eggs I mailed you under your broody. At least you will know then if it is the shipped eggs or problems with the incubator. She can only handle around 7 eggs anyway. Candle and if there are any clears you can eliminate those and then go from there. Only 50% of the eggs from your Frizzle to Frizzle will hatch Frazzles so you may not get any at all. It is hard to put down a chick so you need to be prepared to take care of them if you do hatch any.

    Good LUck
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    Well, I put your eggs under the broody and took her eggs out and put in the incubator. I would rather she hatch yours so they have a better chance of making it. I let them sit the full 24 hours this time and then put them under her. There were 8 eggs so I was concerned but a couple were small so it worked ok. I kept checking around her during that first day to make sure none were uncovered but they are fine. There was one tiny one that said keep on it, I hope that was not sent by mistake? Anyway, I will let you know how things turn out. With my luck incubating, none of mine will probably hatch now that I have silkie eggs in there and not mixed. But we will see. I candled the eggs I took from the pullet before putting them in the incubator, but I only saw veins in a few. So maybe the cold has slowed down the process (they were at the end of day 4) or maybe some just did not start at all. I have been watching as I crack the eggs for cooking and 99% have been fertilized. So who knows. I will keep you updated though. She is so funny when I go in there to check on her, she is very sweet and does not try to peck but make a very strange noise. Her fluffy butt did not come out this morning when I let the others out. She usually comes out first thing in the morn. to eat. But it was really cold so maybe she knew not to leave the eggs yet. I am going to move her to my outside wooden brooder but I don't know when would be a good time. No one seems to be trying to lay in her nest anymore. They are laying in the nest next to her. But I know before the babies come I will need to move her. I am scared she will freak out though and leave the nest. What do you think. Will she and the babies be ok with the roos and the others? Thanks for your help and the eggs.

  6. marie_martin

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    Feb 21, 2007
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    Today is day 10 for the broody eggs (shipped from Jaynie in AL) and day 13 for the ones I put in the incubator. They are from my pullets. They were under the broody for 4 days until I got the shipped eggs and then I swapped. I candled the ones in the bator and out of 8, two were duds. I opened them and I am guessing they were not fertile. The others all have babies and look good. Silkies eggs are hard to see into. I have to get a better flashlight for candling. I will be candling the others sometime this week. It has been cold and I have not wanted to disturb the eggs but I need to see if they are doing anything. Don't want any exploding eggs. Anyway, just wanted to update everyone. Once the babies start coming, I am going to move her and the babies to an outside brooder with a light to keep them warm. I have not had any pullets raise their own babies yet, so any hints or suggestions would be great. Also, when could I put the ones in the house out with them. Could she possible take care of all of them. Or should I brood them until they are quite a bit older. Don't really want to have them inside if I can help it. Thanks.


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