Trying find reliable thermometer and hyrometer


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Apr 30, 2012
I'm trying to find a thermometer and hygrometer that are reliable to put in my incubator. Every time I check Walmart, Target, Tractor Supply, etc. for either of these, they all range in degrees. For example, today I was in Tractor Supply, I looked at 4 of the EXACT same thermometer/hygrometers and all read different readings. One had the humidity at 30%, one was 35%, one was 42% and one was 48%.

Does anyone recommend a good brand/type of these? Do you think digital works better? I'm afraid to try my incubator this year if I have to use an inaccurate thermometer/hygrometer. I know I should use a couple different ones in there at one time, but this much difference in degrees and percentages is crazy.
I use a cheap hygrometer from the pet store that sticks to the side if an aquarium for amphibians or whatever and I use a Taylor thermometer from fleet farm as that brand seemed to be the most accurate of any they had. I think it cost 3 or 4 dollars. I don't use digital because even though they read down to one tenth of one degree I don't trust their accuracy. More things can go wrong with digital stuff so I use old fashioned thermometers. I just had a very good hatch with these instruments of 66%, would have been better but I had 3 die during hatch because the other chicks shoved broken shells over where they were trying to pip and zip
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