Trying out first bator is this ok

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12 Years
May 15, 2010
Cadiz Ky
Hi I just got a Brinsea eco 20 and am going to try my first hatch. I got a dozen eggs from a friend that were layed tuesday and wednesday and will be setting them friday nite.I am storing them in a egg carton little end down with one end elavated and reversing it 4 times a day. the bator is running now with three thermometers in it . The one that came from brinsea says 100.2 and the medical one says 99.4 Ialso have a digital one that says 97 but not really sure how good that one is. before I put the hygrometer in I calibrated it using the salt water method from this forum. At 12 hrs it read 74 and at 24 and 36 hrs it read 76 my humity in the bator is at 41. I planning on refilling water in the am and setting eggs at midnite tomorrow and start the turner. How long should I give it to warm back up after I set eggs before I worry about it being off?
Should this be ok or am I missing something?

Any advice would be welcome. thanks Dan
thanks thats what I thought it should be but nice to hear from someone with more experiance, I can use all the help I can get !

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