Trying to decide...Have a white chicken question Orps or Rocks?

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  1. I have a question hope I can word it correctly. My husband is drawn to white chickens. He saw a giant chicken which was white at an auction a couple of years ago. The thing was as big as a full grown large turkey, he was huge and was not a cornish. Anyway my husband has been wanting his own white chickens for a while. I would like to get White Orps he likes the White Rocks. From the pictures I really do not see a huge difference in them. Which in your opinion is the best choice and please state why you would chose that breed. I want pros and cons without hurt feelings. As we are trying to decide on which breed of white large chickens to purchase. Which one converts food better, which one has a better personality, which one lays better, ect... all those kinds of things. He has a cornish Rooster we call Dumplings as he looks like walking dumplings, he is very gentle. But he is not what my husband is looking for in a pretty white large chicken. He bought a whole small pen of cornish without knowing they were cornish(*I was not there to help him pick his white chicken). Lucky he sold most of them because the cornish is a very picky bird to raise. How are the Orps compared to the Rocks in raising? Are they fragile picky birds like the cornish or not? I have had a few buff orps a while back but did not get them grown thanks to the neighbors dogs.
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    I don't have Orps, but I LOVE my White Rock rooster. He is only 12 weeks old and huge!! They are very large but proportionate looking chickens. Mine is glossy white, very fluffy, and with a bright red comb and wattles. He has a wonderful personality, very brave but so far quite gentle with even much younger hens. I love White Rocks. [​IMG]
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    Maybe he is wanting White Giants? Check out McMurrays site and choose heavy breeds and they show pics and describe the breed. [​IMG]
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    May 4, 2008
    I have raised both Rocks and Orpingtons, from several different sources, although in different colors (never had white ones somehow), so I can speak to general characteristics I've seen in the breeds. So, IMO, both of those breeds are about equal in egg production, with Rocks maybe having a slight edge. The Orps would probably edge out the Rocks in terms of meat. Both are usually nice-tempered birds. It might just boil down to which you prefer: white or yellow skin [​IMG]

    There's really not much difference as far as I can see. Both should be available from hatcheries or breeders. Rocks are more common, but they're an American breed, and that might make a difference to you if you're into American history and heritage at all. It'd probably make the difference for me.

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