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Sep 4, 2018
Green Bay, WI
Good morning,

Things are finally heating up on the backyard ‘farm’ as we have begun to solve our drainage/water problem which means Chickens are our next step.

With that being said, I am curious to know which breed I should select - I am not sure if I can ask here or if anyone can point me towards a tool to help w/ the selection.

Chicken Requirements;
  1. Friendly is #1 requirement — I will sacrifice egg production / style / etc for a friendly chicken as I have two young children and a nervous wife
  2. Deals w/ cold weather well (I live in NE Wisconsin)
  3. Deals w/ humidity well (again, I live in NE Wisconsin)
  4. Lays eggs
  5. Deals with confindment well (very cold winter stretches could keep them in the coop for a days / week at a time unfortunately)
  6. DealS with a coop / run size of; Coop 4x4x4 and a run of 4 wide x 6 long + 4 under the coop.
I am allowed a total of 4 chickens in my city, but I plan on starting with 2 and adding a 3rd in the future after I work out the ‘kinks’ of chicken raising. I doubt I will ever have 4 unless one of the chickens is near end-of-life.

I was thinking Cochin or Silkie, but nervous that Silkies wont do too well in winter due to potential wet feet + cold weather combo.
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Mar 28, 2020
Bend, Oregon
I am fairly new to chickens. I have a mixed flock of 9: Speckled Sussex, Cream Legbar, Wyandotte, Barred Rock, Polish and Cochins. My Cochins are the gentlest birds. It truly is in their nature as evident from the time they were chicks. Cochins also handle confinement well. I am not sure about humidity as I live in the High Desert but know they handle temperature fluctuations and cold well. Good luck in your research. You’ve come to the right place for information.

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Go with a mixed flock. Fun for the kids to name and be able to identify the hens Test the breeds. Birds are all individuals but how you raise and handle them will have more barring on friendliness.
I love Cochin but would probably pass because of humidity. Because you have kids, an Easter egger is a must. Black australorps would be an excellent choice as would Plymouth rocks, Russian orloffs, brabanter... Too many good choices.
I would start with 3. If something happens to one you don't want to be left with only one hen in the middle of winter when you can't find replacement pullets.

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