Trying to determine the breed


6 Years
Jul 15, 2013
I bought my first chickens from tractor supply. I did not know or care what breed they were as we just wnated to try raising chickens at the time. Now the whole family is hooked and we would like to know the breed and understand more abour the birds. The pictures are below.

The birds in the top three photos are Red Stars, also known as Red Sex-links. The last bird is most likely a White Rock, as its earlobes are red (leghorns have white earlobes) and its build is somewhat stocky.
The red ones looks like some sort of red sex links, in the TSCs around here they are sold as Red Stars, Golden Buffs, or Golden Comets, they may also have been called Production Reds. With the white earlobes, smaller comb, and cobby body I am going with White Plymouth Rock on the last one.

The red hens are red sex links and I'm thinking a white rock for the pretty white hen. Are you getting all brown eggs?
95% of the eggs are brown the others are light brown or speckled. None are just white. But I also have one Cornish cross.
The bottom one isn't a Leghorn, she has defined red ears. She's a White Rock. The rest, I have a red chick that I'm trying to pick which breed he is, I'm no good at the non marked, mostly solid red birds!

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