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Mar 19, 2019
So I finally was able to hatch my own chicks from my flock! I was super eggcited!! but with one of these babies I'm completely confused on the mix! The two roos I have are BO and SLW the hens i have are BO, SLW, RIR, GOLDEN COMET, BR. THIS BABY IS PURE WHITE! I dont understand does anyone know what posible combo it is?


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Where did you get the chickens? A hatchery, feed store, or somewhere else? It looks like one of the roosters may not be as purebred as you might think. Hens either for that matter. My first thought is that you got Recessive White to pair up. That should not be happening with those breeds but Recessive White will not show unless the genes pair up.

Can you tell what the comb looks like? Is it a single comb or a rose comb. That might help narrow it down. If it is a single comb and the Wyandotte male and female are pure, the BO rooster has to be the father. If it is rose, one of the parents is a Wyandotte. Could be either one.

I guess it is possible the BO rooster has Dominant White. Since Dominant White only modifies black feathers it would not show on BO. If that is the case them the BR hen would be the mother.

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