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  1. I was looking at the forum under coops, etc... at work and now can't remember the post/user. Someone in Pennsylvania I believe had a nice website chronicling their 5 red chickens, building the coop, etc... I want to show my partner the design for his chicken coop and run. it was a coop on the left with a run to the right up against a garage that had a graffiti chicken painted on the wall. Any ideas?
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    May 18, 2011
    I can't help much, Have you looked at your History on your computer? That has helped me tons of times. If you can remember when you looked at it you can go to that day and look at all the websites you visited. Maybe it will jog your memory of the name of the website too.
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    were you in the Small coop or Medium Coop section? That would narrow it down. Go back to the home page and click on Coop Designs and then select which section you were under. I have no idea what you were looking at, but maybe you got confused as to how to get back there??
  4. I was on a shared use computer at work and history is cleared out. It was through this forum though. rrrrr. that's to me not any of you. Hate when I don't write it down in a little notebook like my mom does! or at least put stuff on my phone.
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    Quote:Go to the coop design section and I'm sure you'll find it! [​IMG]

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