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    We had a hen we are attempting to turn broody by leaving all the eggs until after nightfall....they other day she was still sitting on them and screaming and puffing a broody I left them (she's gone broody before for about a week with nothing under her) She sat for about 36 I took the eggs.....are they still edible? I know I should use dummy eggs at first....and if she had made it till night I would have moved her since the reason she gave up was that all the other girls kept jumping on top of her.

    Any other tips on getting one to go broody....I have another sitting on about 11 eggs right now....and if she was still there tonight after dark I was going to leave her with the eggs. Should I move her tonight so the others don't bother her tomorrow morning?

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    Quote:If I see one thinking of brooding I put dummy eggs under her to see if she will sit tight. I wouldn't eat the eggs if they had been under her 36 hours, sorry.

    I'd date the eggs under the hen you have setting on them and see if she sits tight tonight and in the morning , then move her and the eggs tomorrow night. Take the eggs out the girls might lay in her nest, those would be alright to eat. Just take the marked eggs, her and the nest and move her then after dark to a nice quiet spot of her own with food and water close. A large enough area she can get up for exericse if needed and to poo.
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    Why do you need another hen to go broody? You already have one without eggs. [​IMG]

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