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Discussion in 'New Member Introductions' started by TrishChibas, Apr 9, 2009.

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    Apr 9, 2009
    Hello all! My name is Trish. I have a wonderful husband, a year and a half old daughter and another one due any day. Our family just moved to a house on an acre and as soon as I'm settled with the new baby I plan on adding chickens to our family. I'm so excited and I can't wait to get started! I'm trying to do as much research as possible now while I have the time. As of right now.... I know absolutely nothing about raising chickens. It's very important that they be good egg layers and have a good temperament (Is a good temperament possible in a chicken?).

    I would love any advise. Anybody have anything they wish they would have known before owning chickens to share with me? Any suggestions on good books? Do they make "Owning Chickens for Dummies"?

    I can't wait to learn from everyone. Thanks!!!
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    Hey, TrishChibas! Welcome!!! [​IMG] has a neat selesction tool that lets you specify chicken characteristics (egg production, temperment, etc) and gives you a list of chicken breeds that meet your specifications!!

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    [​IMG] from TN
    There is tons of info on this site. Chickens are pretty easy to raise and care for.
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    Apr 9, 2009
    thanks crazy bird lady! I'll have to check that out
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    Feb 26, 2009
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    From CA
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    [​IMG] from sunny South Florida!

    Keep Chickens! by Barbara Kilarski is a great book for beginners, especially for those planning to have just a small backyard flock.

    With all the human babies you will be tending, you may want to start with adult chickens, hens at the beginning of their laying careers, about 5-6 months old. Then you can start to enjoy their tasty eggs right away, and won't have all that extra work tending baby chicks. That will be a fun project to do when your children are a bit older.

    Enjoy your [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] !
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    [​IMG] from Sweet Home Alabama. You have come to the right place to get educated. [​IMG]
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    Hello Trish! Welcome to chickenhood!

    Here's my two cents... Be sure to build a secure coop for your lovely ladies. It should be well ventilated and very safe from predators. Fresh food and water is a must for poultry at all times, and don't overdo the treats. Try to keep wild birds out of your coop, as they can spread pests and diseases. Also, keep a chicken first aid handy cause when they're sick and hurt they need help ASAP. A basic kit would include terramyacin (a broad antibiotic), a coccidiostat (to treat coccidiosis), neosporin, flour (to stop bleeding), MoleSkin (it's at your pharmacy, great for splints and bandages), electrolytes, and alcohol/iodine/hydrogen peroxide. Study up on poultry behavior so you don't have a heart attack when they sun bathe for the first time (looks like they're dead). And that's the very basics of chickens! Lurk around this forum for sure though!

    The Chicken Health Handbook by Gail Damerow is a wonderful resource for poultry keepers, but let me warn you... read it slowly as it can be very overwhelming.

    Rhode Island Red, Orpingtons, Rocks, and Ameracanas are all known for being very friendly and very proficient egg layers. You should get 1 or 2 "just for fun" birds though, like Old English Games (such a spunky attitude), Silkies (they're very fuzzy), Cochins (they're just adorable) or Polish (crest!). Good luck! [​IMG]
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    [​IMG] So glad to have you!

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