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Discussion in 'Random Ramblings' started by San, Nov 20, 2007.

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    Oh I'm a little bit a shamed because after our holiday in July I said that I would post a discription on how we build the coop. But because of a burn out and troubles with my former boss I did'nt came back here [​IMG]. I am trying to come back here more often. I hope everyone is doing oke!!

    Her the four girls are doing fine. My Juliëtte changed from color ( i'll try to make pics this week) and she's still not laying but that's ok for me. The other three girls are laying eggs and are unfortunaly very often broody and with no rooster around that's not very handy.

    Well this is it for know its about 11.34 pm over here and I need to get ready for work so see ya and have an nice day!
  2. Hi Sandra,
    thanks for thinking of us from afar!!!I havent forgotten you, I hope you are having fun over there, must be cold for you, Take care of yourself and of those chickens now wont you.
    Bye for now.
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    How could I forgot this great forum [​IMG]. I am off to town to buy some batteries for my camera. Maybe today ( depends on the weather) or else tomorrow I'll try to make some pics of the girls and the rest of the petfamily!

    Actually it's not that cold yet but I'am hoping for an real good winter this year with snow for Xmas [​IMG].

    Take care!

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