Trying to save brothers chicken


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Aug 5, 2012
Hi all, I have been reading and reading, still don't know. Brother has a red hen she stopped laying around Christmas. brother said she was molting. I did not know she was really sick until tonight. I did some reading about all the usual issues, prolapse, no. Vent gleet, no. felt the crop this evening and it seems a bit hard but not anything like the youtube videos I watched. Her butt is missing some feathers, and she had some poo but only a small amount and her vent seemed normal not red or swollen.
According to brother she is starting to act funny, listless. I have not had the chance to see if she is moving her head in any funny way all in all she look normal but one can tell something is wrong. So all I can come up with is impacted crop? How would i know for sure?
I plan to do the olive oil thing tomorrow but i fear asperation and making things worse. I also will check the waterers for cleanliness and add some apple cider vinegar. I will also get her on some yogurt. How do I get the yogurt into her? Any suggestions?
If you have a syringe of some sort. (diabetics have them) you could squirt some yogurt in.

Sounds like you are doing everything right. How old is she?

I had a 18 month old hen that molted and then just quit laying... Looked healthy but just didn't lay anymore and never seemed the same. it happens.

Good luck.

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