Trying to trace 3 generations.

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    Ok so i lost Lionel today. and i started running through my memory if i had kept any of his offspring and looked through the most recent set of photos. something was bothering me and i think I have his 3rd generation. this one rooster i have left, he has a signature look to his face, the beak, shoulders and the tail. Always the tail was a give away.
    I have figured that this guy is a RIR crossed. if this is the 3rd generation from Lionel. is this far enough away for the comb to become straight and the leg feathering to go away?
    I have this guys sister and they both have inherited a black speckling
    I figured out that he must have been a test hatch back in May... but only in the past month has the roosterness shown through. In december when i thinned my flock he looked hen to me. So the slow maturity is another brahma trait that has me hopeful.

    This is his sister for obvious reasons. She has a small sprig on her comb at the mid point which helped in a give away that there might be brahma blood. She is a Turken with the mystery father like the rooster. They both have speckled ness.

    The potential Fathers
    A Red Brahma (Lionel X RIR i think) Sold this summer...

    A RIR someone left at my coop. Sold this summer...

    And this guy. Half brother to the Red Brahma. (Lionel X Speckled Sussex)
    HE is the one i am thinking was the roo to the two at the top.... sold this summer.

    This is Lionel. Passed away today. Buff columbian brahma. 4 years old.
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    Aug 14, 2011
    depending on who was breed to who and what traits they carried there is a possabilty that he is a 3rd genaration but if you didnt really keep track of it there is no way of truly knowing
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    they all free ranged together.

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