Trying to treat bumblefoot!

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    Jan 8, 2016
    I have a hen with bumblefoot. Yesterday I cut out the black area and bandaged her foot with out a problem. There is still a hard lump, I got the core, some stringy stuff, it bled some and there was a fair size hole. No puss or anything too gross. Today it looked clean and pink nothing that looked like infection when I changed the dressing but still a large hard lump. What did I do wrong? Shouldn't the lump be gone? Any help appreciated. TIA
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    There's a lot of info out there on bumblefoot here on BYC (just search at the top) and the web.
    It is always possible that you may have to dig around and pull out more gunk, but IMO I would keep an eye on it for a couple of days.
    I've read that some people do soak the foot everyday in epsom salts after "surgery", that may help to draw some of the gunk out.
    If it looks nice and pink and no infection, I would continue doing what you are doing.

    If you haven't seen this chicken chic has a good article. Down toward the bottom she has a couple of photos of before and after which is right after surgery and about 5days later.

    and btw [​IMG]
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    Crazy K Farm makes a great chicken shoe. They're sold in singles, but I recommend buying both a right & a left shoe to keep your chicken feeling 'even' when it walks. We had a RS with chronic bumble foot. Those shoes gave her a new lease on life & all the other girls were seriously soooo jealous!
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    The pad is going to remain hard for quite a while. The swelling takes a couple of weeks to go down. If you dug out all you can, packed it well with antiboitic ointment, then just keep the foot wrapped up for 5 to 6 weeks. Check it daily for infection. The scab should be a reddish color, not pus yellow. If after a day or so after the surgery, the scab is really weeping with yellow pus, then go back in and get that gunk out of there, repack it and rebandage. Check it daily for a couple of weeks, then you can back down to every 3 or so days. Keep it very clean and dry, even if you have to keep the bird inside for a month. You do not want anything getting into the hole.

    The swelling will go down in a couple of weeks. You can even apply some preperation H to the pad too to help with swelling. And always use a piece of gauze over the pad to protect the skin from the latex in the vet wrap.

    Keep us posted and if you have any pics, they are always welcome!! :)
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    Oh and welcome to BYC! [​IMG]

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