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Mar 6, 2011
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So in some very mysterious fashion chicks from Tractor Supply found their way into my house.

I've figured out what most of them are but one little gal from the "Assorted High Production Black Pullets" bin is confusing me. I'd like to figure it out on my own but does anybody know what breeds could/might be included? She doesn't look like an Australorp or sex-link's I've seen but there are so many black breeds of chickens and the TSC employees had no clue what was in the bin beyond being "black ones".

Anybody able to help me out?
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Do some posting and stick around for a bit, and you'll be able to post a picture!

In the mean time, lots of folks are getting their TSC chicks, and take a look at the different threads in this forum (What Breed or Gender Is This?), and see if you can find a chick that looks like yours!

You can also try calling your TSC and asking which hatchery the order from, and what breeds they get, might help to narrow it down!

Have fun!
Okay I really wanted to figure this one out based on what breed it "might" be but everybody seems to love pictures
so here's Miss Sarah...

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