TSC EE purchased April 1st this year


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Jun 23, 2013
The Big Island/Hawaii
A friend of mine purchased some chicks from TSC/Dels here in Hilo ... She's now 12wks/3mo and looks like a Legbar to me, the other EE purchased doesn't have the appearance either so I checked out Hoover Hatchery website. This is what I learned ....

Our Easter Eggers are a combination of the traditional American Easter Eggers, which typically has a pea comb, beard and green legs, along with the European version of Easter Eggers, which are called Grünleger, which typically have yellow legs, a single comb, and commonly a tuft on its head. The Grünleger is a hybrid cross between a commercial type Legbar, and brown egg-laying hens, therefore unlike the American Easter Egger, they will not breed true, with only a portion of the offspring laying colored eggs. Overall, the Easter Eggers typically lay colored eggs, but up to 15% of the time you will have one that lays brown or cream eggs.
  • Purpose: Egg Layer Production: 240 Medium Colored Eggs/Year Temperament: Docile, Active Mature Weight: 4-6 lbs. Hardiness: Cold Hardy, Not Heat Hardy Broodiness: Occasionally Comb Type: Single or Pea Comb
Curious as to the color eggs they'll lay. EEs I've had in the past laid greenish or brown eggs, they had the green/teal legs & pea combs so thinking they were the "American" version. Those were from TSC years ago, thinking they were from Ideal or Privitt at that time.

Last picture = On the left is a WTG 18wks, 2 EEs will be 14wks, WTG 16wks, The later trio added to the older WTG when I sold off it's flock mates (3).


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Had same experience. So upset. Not they aren't EE. Won't refund. Had no idea mixed with leghorns. I don't like leghorns.
Had same experience. So upset. Not they aren't EE. Won't refund. Had no idea mixed with leghorns. I don't like leghorns.
Not sure what mixed with ... Know it's a Cream Legbar mixed with something which makes it an "EE" but not what EE I was expecting :rolleyes: Hope not a Leghorn but know t Leghorn mixes are good layers. From what I've read should be "green" or brown eggs.

Chicks are cute, they were in the EE bin, never even noticed the color of the legs/feet, it would have been a "walk away" from.

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