TSC.. What are my Chicks??


6 Years
Apr 19, 2013
I'm new, and this is our first time with chicks and was wondering if i could figure out what breeds my chicks are!!
So I got 3 red pullets, and 3 from a different bin I believe was Amber something.

this little one is smaller them the rest and has a darker head,

This is all of them together:

Any Ideas??
Hmmm. I don't know. I can only tell chicks I have had or have, and none of mine have looked like that so far...You got them from the red pullet bin?
Look up all the options that might be and then google your way to the answer...Coule be a red sex link, an Amber sex link, a golden sex link, a Rhode Island Red, A New Hampshire Red, and I don't know what all...But google the breeds they could be and then find the one that fits.

I got 2 Red Sex links from the pullet bin. I feel like most of the time the assorted pullets are sex links...but I guess they aren't always.
3 of them were from the red pullet bin, and the other three were from another bin, the lady said they were layers. I'm trying to remember, but in pretty sure there was a paper on the white ones bin saying Amber..something I can't remember!
If you take a male chicken of a certain color and pattern and breed it to a different breed hen of a certain color and pattern, when the eggs hatch the boys will be one color and the girls will be another color...so you can tell as soon as they hatch what their sex is...
they are called sex links because when you cross certain patterns and colors they are sexlinked meaning that only boys will get this or that, while the girls get the other...
I feel like I'm maybe not explaining this right...
It's a chick that you can tell as soon as it hatches what sex it is by it's color due to very particular cross breeding...

There are all kinds of breeds when mixed with other breeds will create sex linked chicks...that is why there are so many different kinds of sex links...Black Sex links, Red Sex Links, Gold Sex links, Amber Sex Links...so on and so forth...
It's easier to tell what is what as the chicks get older because the more feathers they have the more you can see their adult colors...
There are totally different breeds that all look exactly the same, but within a few weeks you can usually pinpoint what breed it is.
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