Tumor? This one has me really stumped

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  1. Cochin hen about 16 months old bottom of pecking order but doing well otherwise. Noticed a pasty butt last weak and ended up giving her a bath today because it was a bit worse than I thought (she enjoyed the bath immensely) After getting her wet I noticed a decent sized (almost baseball size) tumor like mass under the skin starting an inch below the vent and just sort of hanging there. Its weird, I hold her a couple times a week and have never noticed it....but she is a feathery and full bodied cochin after all. Never exhibited any other signs or symptoms of anything. I have racked my brain over this. it should be a little firmer and a bit higher up if it was an egg bound shouldn't it? I've been lucky enough to have never had a hen with one, so maybe im wrong? but what in the world could it be otherwise?

    Chris, Dawg, I need your brains here.......
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    Apr 11, 2011
    Perhaps its just a fatty cist?
  3. could be.....It is not very firm, half way between mushy and firm I'd say? She seems healthy and happy otherwise. I've never seen anything like it though.
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    Could you post a picture?

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