Turkey died after pip, please help

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I had a turkey pip sometime in the middle of the night. They are not due until Monday, so I was a little concerned. I also am using the egg carton method for the first time. Well, this little on piped and it seems a clear sticky substance leaked out and around his beak suffocating him. What is this stuff, and how do I prevent it happening to the others too?

Was the humidity too high? Hope it didn't drown, or there could be others like that.

Also- it's normal for them to pip 2 days before hatch day.Are you sure it was dead?
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No, my humidity was 40% in tha bator, and 60% or lower in the hatcher last night. I just got the humidity up to 60% a little while ago. I just started lock down late last night. The beak was sticking out with this sticky substance all around it. IT had dried hard around the beak siffocating the poult. Is this the yolk? Did it pip in the wrong spot? I am going to go take a pic and post it.

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Well, he is still in there. I took him out for just about 30 seconds to check him out, and drip a tiny amount of water around to loosen it up. He isn't moving at all. I tried to get the sticky hard stuff off his beak. But I also wanted to get him back in.
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Im getting concerned about one that pipped last night too but I haven't done anything with him. He is still in the bator and has a small part of his beak sticking out and hasn't moved from that same position since last night. The other one that also piped last night has just started zipping and I found the egg standing at the end, very oddly. Another egg just pipped and seems to be zipping just as well, got a little rusher here.

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