Turkey Emergency-something wrong with crop/vent


8 Years
When I let my 4 year old lilac turkey hen into the barn tonight, I noticed she had her wings stretched down, and she stumbled when she walked. It looks like she has heat stroke, but it's pretty cool today. She keeps making little coughing noises from her throat, but she wasn't making her happy noises that she normally does.
Her crop is soft and feels like it is full of fluid, but no solid matter. UI felt nere her vent for eggbind, it her vent seemed soft, too. A clear, thick fluid came out of her vent, but she hasn't really pooed.
She wasn't like this yesterday. We do have a sheep that likes to butt the turkey. Would getting thrown cause any of these symptoms? this is the turkey's first year all alone. Does anyone have and idea of what might be happening?

What about sour crop?

I would appreciate any help; she's really special.
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12 Years
Jan 27, 2007
Sorry to hear this. Has she been laying? How hard does this sheep butt? Clear, thick fluid from vent? Like Albumen?

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