turkey hen brooding again, but in the woods :-(

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    Feb 13, 2008
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    My turkey hen has weaned her baby roosters I gave her to get her off the nest the first time. Now, she's been missing since October and I found her up in the woods sitting on 11 of her eggs. It's possible these are fertile (by the tom that was Thanksgiving dinner) but doubtful. How can I get her back in the barn? She is too intimidating right now to try and pick her up. When this happened before, I gave her a baby chick I hatched, but she was in the barn on a nest. I do have some chicks that just hatched, but hate to bring them to her in the woods as I'm afraid she won't bring them to the barn and raise them in there. What should I do? [​IMG] She sat on her broken eggs last time for months and winter is here.
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    throw a blanket over her if you have to--- It probably isn't safe for her in the woods anyway. I'd rather lose a batch of posibly infertile eggs than a good sitting turkey momma. Carry her back to the barn in the blanket....lock her up for a while in a large cage with a wire bottom. With the cold weather coming on, she should lose the interest in sitting after a few days. Good luck

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