Turkey hen hatching two breeds and timing question


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Apr 19, 2012
I'm going to sound like a complete imbecile. My turkey hen went broody on a clutch of eggs that were a mixture of her own and muscovy eggs (which take a week longer, I knew that). But I let it go because of work and stuff. Things were crazy. A muscovy hen was originally sharing the nest but I had to move them to keep them safe from the turkey tom (who had already broken a few eggs trying to mate) and she freaked out and lost her groove. So the turkey hen just hatched a bunch of poults on Saturday, not sure how many exactly. Now Tuesday and she's still sitting, which surprises me. Is it safe for her poults to have her still on the nest? Will she stay on for another week even? Or should I take the muscovy eggs away and pop them in the incubator with fingers crossed? Or the poults and put them in the brooder? I wish I had another broody but I don't. Anyone else silly enough to be in this situation and have it turn out without intervention?
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Well, I'm amazed your turkey gal is still sitting....which may end in another day or two.

Of the risks, it will be the eggs that have the greater risk as the hen will at some point want to get up with the poults and teach them turkey things rather than sit on eggs.

If the weather is warm enough, and you have food and water nearby, the poults will likely take care of themselves returning to momma for warm ups...which could disturb the duck eggs, especially during hatching.

So if it were me, I'd be inclined to take the duck eggs and finish them out in the incubator to protect them from abandonment when momma gets up to care for the poults or from crushing when they are trying to hatch.

It could work...but I can see some pit falls.


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