Turkey poult died suddenly - want to treat rest of flock, but with what?


8 Years
Jul 5, 2011
A ferry ride away, WA
Hi all

brought some three week old Standard Bronze poults home from the feed store last week. They were pretty stressed but all perked up well when they got some space and scrambled egg. I can't really tell them apart, but one looked like she was having a little trouble breathing and one had a raspy voice - now I think it was the same one.

Yesterday we went outside and they played in the grass with my chickens and other turkey. One seemed a little less perky than the other two but I didn't pay that close attention because I figured they were still dealing with three weeks in a small cage.

This morning I got up and one kind of staggered to the brooder doorway and lay there with her wings down gasping for air. I tried to get a little fluid into her but I don't think she drank any.

I've been up for maybe two hours and she just did some sort of seizure/gasping thing then stretched out her body and died.

I see two, what look like bloody poops in her pen. I think the feed store had her on medicated feed but I didn't until yesterday.

I saw no worms in her throat.

Other two turks are jumpy and happy - but then she was yesterday too.

I would love to treat them with ANYTHING to prevent them getting sick, but what should I give them?

Also, I'm willing to do a necropsy on the dead poult if anyone can tell me what to look for.

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