Turkey Poult I.D. Please

Feathered Wings

11 Years
Oct 9, 2008
I bought some baby Turkeys about 3 weeks ago and was told they were royal palms.
There is 2 white ones and then this one in the pic.

Are the white ones royal palm and if so when doe's the colors come in?

What kind is the other one? (Sorry the chicks got in the way)

The one is a Narraganset or a Bronze, but it looks to be getting the gray in instead of the dark plumage so I would say it is a Narri.

The rp's will get the black on the wings at about 3-4 weeks or so and by then they should be starting to get all the tail colors comming in and what not.
Well the white ones don't have any black on them to speak of.
One has a little splattering here and there but nothing patterned or anything.
The guy said they all came from royal palms.

Narragansett i will have to look that up anyone have a pic?

Could the Narragansett have come from royal palm parents?

These are my first turkeys how long can i leave them with the chicks?
Here's the link to a Narri on Kevin's page: http://www.porterturkeys.com/narragansett.htm
, I guess it's possible that he's a mixed bird....but he sure looks like a Narri poult to me. Guess we'll find out for sure when he's all growed up. Can't really help you with the Palms as I've never raised any but I hear they don't really color up until later and that they usually come out looking like little yellow fuzz balls like all the plain white turks.
Wow thanks for the link that turkey is Beautiful!

I sure hope that is what he is and i just love him he is already gobbling and displaying and he is so cute.
Well then maybe the white ones colors will come in as they get older i will just have to wait.

How long can i leave them with the chicks they are with some Light Brahmas and modern game?
The only way that a narri could come from a Rp, the Rp's would have to be not pure blooded. As they don't even look a like when poults ?? one is brown and the others are yellow ?? I wonder how someone raising turkeys could even make that mistake and think they all came from the same birds ?? unless they have mixed un pure birds ??
I don't know i was just going by what i was told when i bought them

I would still like to know how long i can leave them with the chicks?
There are some who will tell you to keep them away from chickens because of blackhead disease and if that's a problem in your area you should probably heed that advise. Many, many people I know keep their turks in with their other birds all the time with no ill effects. I have a turkey who was raised with geese and he will NOT be taken away from them without raising all kinds of noise. The rest of my turkeys have all lived with chickens since birth and they're fine together. May be different come breeding season but for now they're all friends.

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