Turkey poults crying when I leave

Discussion in 'Turkeys' started by mprivett, May 13, 2013.

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    Jun 29, 2010
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    Our poults are about 4 weeks old and I'm not sure if they are having separation anxiety or what but whenever my husband and I go into the pen to visit or change food/water and then go back out they cry and cry and CRY! Takes them a while to calm down and stop. If we come back while they are still crying they get SO happy and run up to us cheeping. They like to be close to us when we are in there.

    We just moved them out to their pen/coop recently from their brooder so it could just be it's taking a while for them to get adjusted to the new space. We put a radio nearby and that helped a little. They are listening to classic rock [​IMG]

    They can't see us or the house from their pen so maybe they don't like where they are? I had NO idea turkeys could get attached like that! The turkeys were supposed to be the "not sweet" ones since we are raising them for meat and breeding. They are so much worse than our chickens who would rather have nothing to do with us except for the yummy treats we give :)
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    Mine do that.

    I started calling "I'm right here" and then appearing. Then calling out without appearing. Then waiting longer and longer between saying anything. They get used to being alone before too long.
  3. mprivett

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    Jun 29, 2010
    Chatham County, NC
    Yeah sometimes when I reappear they get so excited and then I just leave again the crying is worse. When I call to them without showing up they stop for a few seconds and then continue crying. Eventually they stop crying altogether after a while [​IMG] They are such sensitive, attached little things, LOL
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    May 15, 2013
    I have fussy neighbors so I have to be concerned about the noise.

    Turkeys are work, no doubt about it, especially the first couple of months. I think you have to remember they're young prey animals and get frightened easily. They would feel safer in groups with a Mama around for them to hide under her wing. They see you as a surrogate mother.. The turkeys would love to be next to you or keep you in sight for reassurance. Weening them is a process like the other comments said. I found my turkeys were contented w/ talk radio during the day in my absence. But when it starts getting dark or the weather starts getting unpleasant the radio no longer does the trick. Also they like a light on at night so they can see and a place to feel safe. As they mature it becomes easier to ween them off some of their security needs. I hope this helps.
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    A mother turkey is close to her offspring from birth until around 4 months. For protection, and for learning how to find food and survive.
    The poults naturally expect this, and in nature, this is how it is suppose to be.
    When they don't have that paternal figure they are less comfortable and secure.
    If you have been attached to them and close and they associate you as their mother than they will feel anxiety when you leave. Instinctively they are suppose to follow their mother for protection. This is why they are whining. In nature, the crying helps the mother to locate her baby and know whats wrong.
    As they get older the crying will be less and less.
    Just takes them awhile to get over their instinctive behavior.
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    May 4, 2016
    Thank you!!! I have been stressing about our two poults crying. It makes sense that it is nature. Sometimes you need to hear it. Can't wait till they stop.
  7. ravensgait

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    Mar 28, 2010
    In the wild Turkeys stay with mom until late winter early spring , broods join together when poults are 2 to 3 weeks or so old and stay together. Some of a hens daughters will join their broods with their mothers after hatch in the spring/summer . We keep Osceola's and Rio Grande wild turkeys and they run the gambit of a few being friendly to most wanting nothing to do with you when they grow up. But as Poults they want and need someone to be mom lol.
    We have one 2 year old hen who is very very friendly IE wants pets and will yelp like crazy trying to get you to giver her attention. If you are worried about your neighbors the problem will be when they grow up and you have loud gobbles and yelps . Disagreements between hens can be really loud

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