Turkey Saddle patterns


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Nov 26, 2008
Central Missouri
Good evening all.

It is getting that time of year when the turkey toms are thinking about love. One of my 1 year old toms was doing the "I love you" dance the other evening. They are so hilarious when they do that.

Now that romance is in the air, I need to start making some turkey saddles for the ladies. I have Midget White, Narragannest (sp) and Black Spanish hens and toms, along with 3 BBB hens. Our oldest BBB hen will be 2 this spring. She is almost a pet now. She suffered a terrible wound last year to our over zealous BS tom. Before that, she laid many eggs and we were able to hatch 8 hybrids. They were tasty too.
This year I would like to spare her that trauma (and me too, as it was heartbreaking to have to dress her wounds and keep her away from the other turkeys). And I want to prevent this from happening to my new heritage hens.

Does anyone have or know where I can get saddle patterns for small, medium and large turkey hens?

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