turkey sitting on chicken eggs


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Feb 6, 2017
i have a chicken that is wounded penned up with a turkey they get along but my chicken laid 2 eggs and the turkey took it upon herself to lay on the eggs we think they may be fertile but not real sure. The turkey hisses at me when i go to get the eggs from the chicken we are guesstimating that the eggs will hatch around june 1.
My question is should we remove the chicks as soon as they are hatched? we are worried that the turkey will eat them. and if she allows use to take them will it be ok to take them as soon as they are hatched
I have talked to a number of people that raise chickens and they have told me that they have never heard of a turkey setting on chickens eggs. UGH PLEASE HELP


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Jul 16, 2015
I have read multiple posts and stories of turkeys hatching and raising chicks. Whether it works out or not depends on the turkey hen.

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