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Apr 15, 2015
Southern Ontario Canada
Hi everyone! First time for raising turkeys.. We have 51. One of my males has two tail feathers that are broken really short and bleeding .. He is about 7 weeks old and so sweet. This happened a few weeks ago and I kept my eye on him and he seemed fine in a day Or two. They have access to indoor and outdoor space but get locked up inside at night ( lots of coyotes around here ) should I pull him out ? His bestie is a little female and she had a little scab on the back of her head too .. I know turkeys are very social and it's not recommended go them to be alone should I pull them both out ?
.. Advice ?
Are the feathers themselves bleeding? Like from the tube,core in the center of the feather itself? If so, it's probably a "blood feather" and you can stop the bleeding by pulling the remanent of the feather.

If that's the case, and it stops the bleeding, I don't know why you'd remove him.

This however, doesn't answer what caused the problem in the first place. With your girl, if the turkeys are anything like chickens, the damage on the back of her head may be from an aggressive breeder. With the Tom though, not sure what it is and you'll have to provide more details or figure it out on you're own.
Sounds like a blood feather... I have chickens too a lot of them :) and have never had this wih them. I'm not sure how it happened .. I noticed it when they were ranging about 3 weeks ago .. (Like I said they are only about 7 weeks old) I Kept my eye on him and he seemed ok after a day or two. The reason why I asked if I should remove him was because the others pick at it. I noticed blood on one of the others beaks and knew it was probably his and called for him and he came over so I could take a look. He lets me pick him up so I was able to take a look at it and it is two feathers ( but looks more like bleeding tubes) like you said. I know turkeys and chickens will pick at blood and with our chickens we usually segregate until they are patched up or healed and return them to the flock. The hen I'm not sure.. I have not seen any breeding behaviour yet.. That was new this morning .. Not sure if they have discovered that yet at 7 weeks??
Sorry, just to reiterate, if you pull the two broken blood feathers it's an instant fix for the bleeding and you shouldn't have to quarantine him.
Thank you so much! I will do it tomorrow.. He is so sweet .. Are flock is going to be sold the week of Canadian thanksgiving .. But I have tagged him and the small female ( and another female if hubby will let me
) to keep as pets and breed .. They are just so sweet .. Don't want anyone hurt or being picked on .. Thanks again

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