Turkey with broken wing/pullet with hurt foot

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  1. I posted earlier about a young hen with a foot problem. We went to feed up and found one of our turkey hens (with chicks) has a broken wing. WHAT DO WE DO!
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    I've read several times about securing the wing to the bird so it is immobile with vet wrap or (probably better) duct tape. The duct tape will come off on its own eventually. The wing might not heal so it looks normal, but if you don't immobilize a fracture, it can heal in a broken position, if it heals at all -- the movement can cause the bone to pierce the skin, a much worse situation.
  3. Thank you so much, again. Just hearing from someone makes me feel better. Right now we have an ace bandage on her but am getting vet wrap today. She is in one of our horse stalls with her chicks but we're going to move her to a smaller pen (not too small for the chicks though).

    She seemed to know we were trying to help her. Her friend, who has older chicks, tried to jump on my husband to protect her. Then she sent out a distress call and all of a sudden she had the hurt hen's babies as well as her own older ones. We had a heck of a time separating them back out!

    We suspect she clashed with one of our geese or ganders. I don't think a horse got her, she usually keeps her distance from them.

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