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    Hey guys I am pretty new in understanding illness in turkeys since its the first time I'm attempting to take care of them. I took care of ducks, chicken and geese and although some did died of illness (while I was still a novice) I started buying some kind of powder that I put in their water (I still don't know what its called but its filled with vitamins and antibiotics) and that usually did the trick. However barley a month since I bought two decently young turkeys (they don't have the white plumage) one of them had 3 large bumps almost like pimples developed on the right side of her head, one of them locate on the ear. I already researched a bit and figured out that it was some type of avian pox (or so I think) but all the pictures that I saw on the screen of the "bumps" on the turkeys head was miniaturized compared to what I had. I haven't gone to the vet yet I will very soon and I hope they have something but I wanted to see what I could do online and hopefully find a simple solution. Thank you and merry Christmas





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    Poor bird. That looks like some type of sinus infection. Please post over on the emergency thread. They can recommend an antibiotic and the proper dosage.
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    Welcome to the flock. Could be pox with unusual focal lesions (sinus/auditory canal affected?), the bulls eye lesion would certainly suggest a viral actor and, without any symptoms such as sneezing/wheezing drainage from nares/"goopy eyes", Mycoplasma/Sinusitis probably isn't the cause. Keep an eye out for decrease in interest in food/water - check for lesions in oral cavity/upper throat which would signal the Wet Pox variant which is much more problematic (often requiring tube feeding with no guarantee of success). Am posting shots of our "outbreak" a couple of years ago, for comparison. Severity of Pox, here, had to do with three of the four toms sparring (introducing virus all over heads via pecking/biting). The 8.5 yr old tom developed the Wet form and died. The other two lived. The fourth tom and the hens had only few isolated lesions on heads/necks. Below: 1st shot from a week after swelling started (the boys stuck close together), the second shot was taken nearly two weeks later (was actually getting better at that point. We brushed betadine on the few "open" pocks but that was extent of treatment required. A month after the first signs appeared, the last of the scabbing sloughed off and that was it. (click on pics for full sized shots). [​IMG] [​IMG] After you see the Vet and a diagnosis is made and treatment ordered, please be so kind as to post the information in this thread, along with a few more shots. Hope for the best and, again, Welcome and good luck & a good Xmas to you and yours, as well.
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