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    I have a question and I thought this might be the best spot to ask.

    I have 9 BBB turkey poults (1 month) that have almost outgrown their brooder box on the enclosed porch. I have another brooder out in the barn I'd like to put them in because it's taller and they wouldn't be able to jump up and hit the top. One did and broke it's neck last week.

    I know all about the blackhead thing and the debate over putting turkeys with chickens. Here's where I'm having an issue. The brooder in the barn is a wall of the barn on one side, the wall of the 2nd brooder on another, poultry wire facing the front of the brooder and a poultry wire wall that shares with the chickens. So in other words, the turkeys and chickens wouldn't have actual access to each other but they share a poultry wire wall. Hope that makes sense. Anyway, would that be ok? This would only be for a month or so until we're able to put them in their own enclosure. I probably could now but I want them a little bigger.

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