Turkeys with warts

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    Apr 22, 2008
    These turkeys belong to the farm where we keep our meat chickens and a few turkeys. These turkeys are on the other side of the 8 acre farm from ours. Ours are currently in a tractor with some of our meat birds and haven't shown any signs of illness. I would like to know what this might be though. When they were a few weeks old, one of them had a swollen face/head but the farmer treated it with antibiotics (topical) and it seemed to be getting better after that. I haven't looked in on them for a week or so until today when I saw these growths on about five out of thirteen of them. Some are worse than others. Any idea what this might be? I will be talking to the farmer tomorrow to make certain he knows what is going on since sometimes his grandkids do all the feeding and watering and might not have noticed the state of the turkeys.

    Sorry for the poor pictures. I only had my phone with me.

    This is the worst one.

    You can kind of see the turkey just behind the front one. His eye on that side is mostly shut because of the growths.
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    It looks like it could be fowl pox, but the 'wet' version of it. I'm just guessing though!

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