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    Apr 24, 2009
    I have been looking at some of the home made incubators posted on this site and I must say they are really neat. I want to build one and I got a few questions. I have noticed that the turners being used looks like it holds the egg in the verticle posiotion with the little end up? Do eggs hatch better if they are on their end? Does it matter if which end is up? I also noticed that it appears that the home made turners tilt from side to side? So it appears to me that the egg really wouldn't be turned but more shifted??? Also, I have noticed that a thermostat was used to turn on a light for a heat source and to turn it off, where can these type of thermostats be bought? I'm not having to good of luck with the still air incubator I have. Only had 12 to hatch out of 35. All were fertile except one. All my eggs lay on their side (not on end) and was turned twice dailey. I want to get some advice from you all before I tackle it again. Thanks.
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    Little end (pointy end) is always down.

    Turners tilt from side to side to keep the membrane from sticking.

    I have a forced air.

    Filled the bator twice.

    Got 12 chicks the first time.

    Got 12 chicks the 2nd time.

    I'm putting the incubator away until next February.

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