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    I am tweaking my bator tonight to start putting in eggs of my own. What is the humidity to be for dry hatch? I thought I read 40% but want to be sure, I have a still air Little giant bator. I have one red plug in and one red plug out. Now the humidity in my house is 16% all the time. So it has been hard to keep it in with out putting in both plugs but i think I got it now. But next turning eggs? Can I make and egg holder and put my eggs in it in the incubator, small end facing down right? If i put my eggs in a holder how do you turn then small side down then big side down or just clockwise or counter clock wise while the sit upright n the holder? If they are laying down on their sides(eggs) do you just roll them around or only a half of a turn. Sorry for all the stupid questions but I have the most problem with turning I think. and I want to have it down pat before I start this time because my last hatch was terrible. Thank you all in advance
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    I looked around here and experienced folks told me these things (this is my first hatch so I am NOT speaking from my experience, but theirs):

    Humidity: 25-40, preferably mid thirties, til day 18 at lockdown

    Turning: If you use a holder (styrofoam carton) cut the bottoms out of the individual cups to allow temp/humidity to be even. Put the pointed end down. Prop up one side a bit. Turning is as simple as propping the whole carton to the other side. No need to do anything else.

    If you lay the eggs on their sides on the wire, mark with an x on one side. Roll all eggs with the x up on one turn and roll til the x is down the next time.

    Either way, make sure to turn an odd number of times each day so that the longer period overnight is not always on the same side.

    I don't know about the Little Giant since my bator is homemade. Sorry.

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