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    I am brand new here, because my Granddaughter wants me to help her. We plan on building an incubator and have a few questions. I am comfortable with temperature and humidity. ----- I have read many of your comments, however I am still not sure what is the best way concerning turning. (Chickens and Ducks) It appears like 3 to 5 times a day will work, however what is the best, and/or needed, methods of turning. Is more often better? First off, how should the eggs be orientated? Air sack up. or on side? Then are they always in this general position? Can they be put into the incubator and then just rotate the incubator back and forth? Can I just rock the entire system back and forth? If so, how about 180 degrees every turning period? More -- less? Different amounts at different turnings? We are thinking about having a motor turn the entire system on some type of schedule, because we will not always be available. If the motor does most of the movement, we can periodically do some moving of the egg orientation in the holders. Would this help? Anyway, I hope you can figure out some of my questions. - TNX
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    You can lay them on there sides if you want to , mark one side with an x one side with a o and turn them at least three times a day (exp start with o side turn once to x then again to o then the last turn they end on x . ) Some people turn a little more but most info says three is the minumum you should turn.
    A few things ALWAYS wash your hands and dry them befor turning or touching the eggs.
    Be careful I have read to many heart rending post of people that were turning or candleing and have dropped or damaged the egg and killed the little baby inside the egg.
    You can incubate eggs upright fat side up in cartons or turners some incubators you can tilt the whole thing or the carton inside ect just have to watch and make sure that water dosent spill and that raising one end of whatever dosnt cause the eggs on the top or bottom to get to cold or to hot .
    Im sure more people will have info. Heres a link about home made bators some of them made home made turners as well


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