Tw hens dead in a week, help please

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    Has anyone ever had a hen dead outside a nesting box with a broody hen in it? I have had two in the last week. The first dead chook was just outside the nesting box with its head tucked around to the side, I thought maybe she had tried to get in the nest with the broody hen. Then today I found another one! She had been unwell and I had popped her in an empty nesting box to stay warmer during the frosty night but found her the next morning squashed in the front entrance of another nesting box with a broody hen and she also had her head turned around but this time towards the hen. Her eyes were sunken in but couldnt find any wounds on her.
    Do they just die for whatever reason and in that position? Or is this a very territorial broody hen who has defended her eggs?

    The other chooks are all well and healthy and happy except for one other...... she is 'not quite right' and sleeping next to the brooding hen and has been closing one eye for a few days but when I checked on her this morning her eye was white and pussy. The other side of her head is quite okay. Any ideas for her as well? Thanks

    Thanks for helping, Louise

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