Two Atwood Bantam Brooder Babies

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Aug 19, 2019
Norman, OK
The story on these two...

I had five broody hens and placed eggs under them. We have a rooster so have fertile eggs. One hen got in on the broody train late. Three hens hatched eggs. Two did not (including the latecomer who was given 2 eggs from the other broodies). After a few days, we picked up these two chicks from Atwood’s. Unfortunately a woman went in early than me, and bought all 200+ of their standard chicks. So...I picked up two bantams instead.
I slipped one each under the two remaining broodies. And collected the dud eggs. As I was walking back to the house, I heard a peep peep! One of the dud eggs wasn’t a dud after all. So I quickly returned it to the hen. That hen accepted her banty, along with the late hatching chick. The latecomer broody rejected hers so it was placed under the other hen and she took it too. I have two bantams that are probably male. My guess is the first chick is a spangled old English and the other, an Easter Egger.
Probably boys.
Does anyone have a guess on these two?


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Not positive, but I believe the first is a dark Cornish, and the second an Easter egger. How old are they? They currently look female.

oldhenlikesdogs, they will be 6 weeks tomorrow (I think). They were purchased from Atwoods and came from the "straight run" brooder. I just searched Dark Cornish and can see that the first chick looks similar. It does have a bit of a comb coming in and it's pinkish.
The Easter Egger's comb is turning pink I'm assuming males. Life would be so much easier if they are females, of course. Thanks for replying! :D

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