Two Boys!


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Mar 21, 2009
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Went out to open the door on the chick coop, actually a sectioned off part of the main coop just for the chicks, and out step the little EE that I thought maybe a Roo. All of a sudden out came this sick little attempt of a crow. It sounded so funny & cute. Yup he is a Roo. Already knew the new little Barred Rock was a Roo so this works out perfectly, unless either one gets too noisy. Two Roos and 21 girls. What a morning surprise and laugh. After the attempted crow the two little Roos had a face-off with their necks puffed out and down in the attack position. What a two-some!

Never really shared what the family makeup is but

The older girls (8 month old) are
5 Plymouth Barred Rocks
4 Production Reds/Red Stars
2 Silver Wyandoots
1 Brown egg layer that was suppose to be an EE, yup her legs are not green

The new chicks (7 weeks) are
3 Polish (2black/1brown)
2 White Rocks
4 EE girls, there legs are green
1 EE Roo, so are his
1 Plymouth Barred Rock Roo

rocmoc n AZ
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Apr 1, 2009
I'm so happy to read a post by someone who is happy to find out that they have a roo or two!!!
This makes my day!


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Aug 12, 2008
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I love our two roos, too... even though the big one can be hard to handle when he gets it in his head to protect his girls from US. He is a good protector and provider for them, though, and sounds so sweet when he calls the flock over for some tasty morsels he's found. He also gets along great with the small Blue Andalusian rooster, appearing to think if him as a little brother. They are close in age, and have never had a real fight, even though they only have 3 hens to share between them. (There were five, but we lost two.) I have 3 more girls in the brooder now, and hope to get more pullets from our upcoming hatches. Cobalt and Frost make a great tag team for our flock, and both crow very beautifully. I can tell them apart by listening for either a long, deep crow versus a high, sweet crow.

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