Two broody hens


9 Years
May 13, 2014
Kansas City, MO
That we're setting in two of three nests that my 12 hens use, they won't use the bottom tier of 3 just the top 3 of 6 stacked on top of each other. I have 2 cages to transfer them too. They are inside the coop. My question is can I keep them locked in the cages so the other hens don't get in them. Also I am assuming that the Broodies should not be eating the layer feed, which I ferment, and should be eating chick starter now. If I keep their doors open the other hens will eat it and lay eggs in the cages. They are now down on the floor so if and when the eggs hatch the chicks will be safe. This is my second experience with broody and I hope to get a lot better at it!
We have found that our hens only use to top boxes as well. So we moved them all to the ground. That prevented the birds from sleeping in them and kept the eggs clean.
We always separate our broodies to prevent additional eggs. Once we moved our hen to find 22 eggs under here. Yikes!
We find that our broody hens will not eat much. But, if they are separated you can better manager an individuals diet. Our hospital pens double as brooding pens.

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