Two Cayuga Drakes for sale, Oswego County, NY

mockingbird girl

In the Brooder
12 Years
Jun 21, 2007
I got them when they were about 15 weeks old and paid $30, so that's what I'm looking to get. They're not as friendly as I'd like them to be--- but they do let me pick them up and have warmed up to me a lot in the weeks that they've been here. They are very friendly with the other ducks I have (two Saxony's that I'm wanting to part with as well-- a male & female).

I was going to keep them if I could get a few females but it seems like no one has these.. my fellas are quite gorgeous.

Sorry for the pic.. I had to separate them otherwise you'd see the other 20+ chickens & ducks in there as well lol.


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