Two close calls in one day...


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Aug 12, 2011
Southern New Hampshire
A snake and a fox all in one day! Luckily no ladies or roos were hurt or killed...

Had my two little peeps in the front yard in a dog crate so they could get some sun and bugs. I could see and hear them from the window, so I kept a close eye. All of a sudden they are making tons of noise. I walk outside to check and headed their way was by far the biggest garter snake I have ever seen. It ran for cover when it saw me so I could return the peeps to the safety of the barn.

THEN later that night when I went to lock up the big girls and boys for the night.. someone was missing. One of my SLW was gone. So I go out to the pasture to look for her, scanning my flashlight as far as it will shine - when I notice these bright orange eyes just outside the fence. I run back up to the house and DB heads to where I saw the creature while I look for the girl. I find her. In the pig pen, no idea how she got in there.. but she was laying there not moving. She let me pick her up and everything. DB couldn't find the animal so we took the poor girl inside for a little relaxation. After 10 minutes she was back to her self again, though not happy that I was holding her. Back to the coop she went.

We've only had a predator problem once - and it claimed our two crested chickies. Since then no issues - until now. Gotta keep a better eye out and lock the girls up earlier then usual. Just glad no one got hurt this time!


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Jan 9, 2009
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Its a good thing you were there!
Glad everyone is okay.

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