Two Days Two Eggs! Yeah!

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    Aug 5, 2009
    My awesome little pullet has laid two days in a row. The last two days being the weekend, I have gotten to the barn long after the chickens have quit roosting. They spend the night in the feed room of my barn which is really a stall, so they can fly out when they are awake. They wait for me in the barn aisle or in the empty stalls until I come to open the gate of their run which is right outside the barn. Gertie, apparently, wants to have her eggs in her run so has waited to lay until I got there to let her into it. It is a dog run, nicely equiped with a dog house igloo with hay in it.

    Each day she has bee-lined to it and then laid her egg in the hay in the igloo. I couldn't be more excited if I was laying eggs myself. They are beautiful little eggs of the finest delicate tannish pink! Lovely!!!!!!!!

    Now for my Blue Orpington to start! My buff Cochin is far behind but maybe will make it before winter.

    I'm trying to decide whether to leave my chickens in the barn for the winter or finish fencing an area that connects to a coop by the house. I don't have electricity to the coop yet so I guess it depends on where my hubbie gets on his honey-do list! The previous owners left it equiped with laying boxes and purches. I never thought I'd get to use it but we are chicken-addicted now!
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