Two Dead Chicks in Three Days VERY WORRIED!!!


7 Years
Apr 29, 2012
On Sunday I noticed that one of my three week old chicks was gasping for air. I checked her vent and crop, but all seemed okay. I looked down her throat, but I could see nothing. She was not eating or drinking. I came inside to check all my chicken medical books and realized she must have a blockage, but she was so tiny I could see nothing in her throat. I sent her to sick chick bay and kept an eye on her. On Monday she was dead.

This morning I went out to the brooder and checked on the remaining eleven chicks. I noticed that my little RIR was acting a little "off". She was a bit lethargic, but when I separated her she did eat and drink. She was not gasping for air, her crop and vent were fine. I left her in sick chick bay with a heat lamp. When I checked a few hours latter she was dead too.

My kids are devastated. These are our pets. Since I am new to chickens, what am I doing wrong? I did put some electrolytes in the remaining chickens water. They have not been wormed, do I need to do that? They are eating chick feed along with chick corn and grit.

Are these two incidents related. They had very different symptoms.

I feel so guilty....what am I doing wrong? I feel like a bad chicken Mommy :( Help Please!!
Any sneezing? any other changes?

If no sneezing, runny noses, or other respiratory symtoms, besides the gasping, I would treat for coccidia. Corid in their water for 5 -7 days. If they have coccidia, it will save them all...if they don't, it won't hurt them.
Thanks for the responses. They are on medicated feed. The temp in brooder is 80 and in sick bay 87. It has beef very hot here (80's) so I raised the heat light. Plus I have been try to wean them off the light since they will be moving to the new coop soon.

There is no other symptoms the the ones I stated. Is coccid a deadly virus? Will I have to cull my entire flock? Just asking because I read somewhere that chickens don't get colds. They get a deadly virus and you have to cull them all. Will the medicine really cure them?
Do need to worm them? Sorry for all the questions, but I do appreciate the advice.
Coccidia is not anything that you need to cull anyone over. They get it from the dirt and it is a common problem in young chicks. Corid is the medication that you give them to treat. It works quickly and very well. It is deadly and contagious but once it is treated, it is gone.

They are too young to need deworming.

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