Two eggs I help?


Apr 6, 2010
Wake County, NC
Our Runner's started hatching Tuesday which was Day 28. Two hatched Tuesday, five hatched hatched yesterday, and one hatched this morning. The one that hatched this morning was put into the incubator a day late, so it hatched Day29. However, I have two eggs left, and this is Day 30 for them. I had seen movement and heard tapping a couple of days ago, but I can't really see if they ever got out of the membrane. They never externally pipped. I was waiting to let nature take its course, but I just candled and saw faint movement. Should I help them?

The way it works is they pip internally and you usually hear chirping at that time. They need to pip externally within 24 hours or they will suffocate inside of the egg. They may have died already, but if you still hear something then you should perhaps help a little bit. Put a tiny hole into the air sack area and put them back into the incubator. This is best done with a dull tool to crack the shell slightly and then use a toothpick for puncture the membrane. Be very careful so you don't hurt the baby. You did good by waiting that long, but it may be time to help a little bit.
Thank you. I did what you said and they are back in the incubator now. I think they are already gone, but we'll see. We have 8 little beauties already, and I am now in love with baby ducks!
Don't be sad if they are gone. Those are usually weak to start with, and some argue that it is best not to hatch those. Very often they have issues. I was late on one of mine last time and it was not alive. I didn't see any obvious things when I took it out of the shell, but you never know. It's somewhat sad, but then you have already healthy bunch of joy hopping around. Nature can be cruel. That is why they lay so many eggs in the first place. A hatching rate of 50-70% is always good. Anything above is a miracle.
OK...I am going to try to post a picture of the babies that made it. They are enjoying playing on the "duck towels."


well done
congratulations on your new babies!!! Are you going to have them imprint on you? I do this by playing with them lots in the first week and letting them play and sleep on my chest with a towel of course so they don't poop all over me and it is really cool. I also try to hand feed them a much as i can initially so that they know food comes from me not the feeder and they will come to me all the time.

have fun and don't worry about the mess

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