Two females sharing one nest.


Mar 21, 2018
I have two females that absolutely love each other. They spend every waking moment together. Eat together bathe together everything. One of my ducks has made a nest and is sitting on 4 eggs. Weird thing is both girls take turns sitting on these eggs. The eggs belong to only one of my ducks. Do they want to be mamas together?
My first duck experience was with 2 Mallard hens. They decided to set a nest together. Between them, they had 26 eggs. If an egg peeked out from under one hen, the other would grab it and tuck it under herself. They swapped eggs like this for the entire 28 days. After hatch day, one hen got up and walked away from the nest, never looked back! She left her buddy holding the bag, with 24 babies to tend!
If I only let her have three eggs and everyday take the extra will she eventually stay with the and sit to hatch only three or will she keep laying until she’s collected what she wants?
At the moment I don’t have another pen. These two girls are in my extra pen. Is it bad to keep them together?
It depends on the females I had 2 Muscovy females that brooded together and they were fine but none of my others would ever let that happen.
Well right now my Swedish grey(Thelma) is the one laying then my Cayuga(Louise) sits on them. Barely is Thelma sitting. She’s being semi protective because if I get near the pen she walks over and stands next to Louise sitting. Louise is not laying any eggs at all.

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