Two flocks...... inter-flock relations


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May 2, 2011
Hi all;

I have two flocks as described below;

Flock A - 19 months old, 11 birds (1 rooster, 5 barred hens, 5 buff orpington hens)

Flock B - 7 months old, 15 birds (1 silver spangled rooster, 11 red stars hens, 3 buff minorca hens)

All summer I've kept flock A in a movable tractor with attached pen, while flock B lives in an open air chicken house and free range during the day. When wintertime hits the tractor goes up by the house and is secured. Lately I've begun letting flock A outside during the day to free range, but have left flock B cooped up. I'm afraid the roosters will fight. The coops are 150-200 feet away, but the flock B chickens routinely free ranged all the way over to the house where flock B lives in the tractor.

I want to let both flocks outside to free range on nicer winter days here (we've been having a very warm winter). My concern is that the roosters will fight. Both crow back and forth at each other. Both are the alpha of their flock and one time when Luke, the rooster from flock A escaped this past summer he went right after Bo (flock B rooster).

So if anybody can offer me advise. Should I avoid letting them both out? Maybe alternate days between flocks? I'd really like to let them all out, but don't want to have a big mess on my hands.

Thanks in advance for any help,


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