Two hens with crusty combs (photos)


6 Years
May 20, 2013
Monticello, MN
Here's the story:

This was an awful winter in MN, it was so cold that our Australorp lost part of her comb from frostbite. In January my RIR and Buff Orp developed white comb tips that progressed down the RIR's comb. I was pretty sure that they were going to lose part of their combs, too, but they didn't. The crustiness is coming off both of their combs and the comb looks healthy and perfect once the crust comes off. Has anyone else seen this? On the RIR's comb, the part toward the back of her head looked totally dead, like a scab. But now, I can see red tissue developing inside the scabby area. It was scabby from the top to 1/2 way down on her comb. On the Buff Orp, the two comb points in the middle (they're touching in the photo, so it looks like one) were totally white, crusty and dead looking. Now the points have grown out and the scabby part fell off. I know there is a spot on her wattle, too. I thought it was frostbite from drinking and her wattle touching the waterer. It has gotten better, too. This was my first year with chickens. I was just wondering if anyone knew what happened. I'm not treating it currently because I was kind of just waiting to see what happened when their combs started growing out. Should I do anything? Is this something other than frostbite?

Red Hen:


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