Two new Emus


In the Brooder
8 Years
Oct 28, 2011
Iva, SC
I believe my new emus were starving. They are scarfing down food like crazy twice as much as my other 3 put together. Do you think they will slow down after they realize they are going to be fed routinely. Or if they ever get full. Their poop is big globs with bits of food in it. I still don't know the sex of the other one "it" has not made any sounds. Any advice will be appreciated.
Maybe they like what you are serving. One of mine eats a lot more than the other. Where are the pictures? Without pictures how do we know you got new emus?
I have another question. The new Emu that I haven't heard make a noise is Standoffish to me (the one that growls already puts his head on my chest for petting) and chases Quilla (my female emu). "It" also tries to pick a fight w/my other female on the other side of the fence. "It" knocked Quilla down today
. Does this sound like a female?

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