two new groups are sleeping together tonight...


8 Years
May 30, 2011
so today i began introducing my two groups of chicken babes:

group one:
three silkies (all females)
two polish (one boy, one girl)
nearly 8 weeks old.

group two:
a total of 8, all regular sized and 4 different breeds. nothin fancy.
nearly 4 weeks old.

our night time temperatures have ranged between 55-65 degrees at night for the last month.
group one has been living outside for two weeks.
i brought group two outside today into the run. group one was separated from group two by chicken wire. they spent all day in view of each other and no one was upset. both sides had treats and enough food and water.
i asked my roommates to watch over them until i came home.....
alas i came home and no room mates were home.

group one had torn down our make-shift chicken wire-seperation wall to climb up into the house for the night.
group two was outside crying, not sure how to walk up the ramp yet.
so i picked everyone up from group two and put them in the house with group one. both groups got all mixed together in a large cuddle puddle.
they are currently out there sleeping together.
group two slept outside in the brooder with no light last night and didn't cry about the cold. they were so happy! this okay? i was going to set my alarm for the time when the sun rises to make sure everyone gets along when they wake this over kill?

the rooster from group one has NOT begun crowing. he has become the dominant chicken for sure....but no pecking or hurting anyone....
i just don't want to wake up to dead chickies in the morning.
is it too soon to let them sleep together?

thanks forum, i've learned so much from this website!!!!!
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There is a month separating these groups and they have only been introduced together one day . . . .

Normally, there would be some scrapping and / or intimidation going on.

I would be watching them during the next few days and make sure the adjustment is still going ok.

I had to keep my groups separated by wire for a little over a week when I blended my groups.
They were fine to be out together in the LARGE play area with hiding spots.
However, when they were locked up together at night in a smaller area THERE WAS TOO MUCH BULLING going on.
So, they were separated by wire at night for 1 1/2 - 2 weeks.
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thanks for the replies.
i separated them today after they woke up. will keep them separate for a month.
It shouldn't take a month. . . I KNEW when it was OK to put mine together at night because they were totally acceptive of each other during the day time. . . . . Just watch for a few days and make sure the one group isn't running and hiding from the other group.

Sometimes the bully thing takes two or three days to become an issue.
The older probably larger group is made up of generally non aggressive breeds. I don't think you will have any problems. Just check on them first thing tomorrow morning.
i watched them as they woke up.....very confused. looking over at who was next to them "how did i get here...what did i do last night??? do i have all my feathers on??"

when they all got into the run the polish rooster and polish hen, who are both a head taller than the small group, were walking around pecking the new group's heads.
so i separated them. try again in a few days.

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