Two of our babies are very sick -- tell me if my solution make sense!

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    Nov 29, 2009
    Okay, we have some 6 week old chicks I started transitioning from brooder to the main coop with the laying hens about a week ago. I put out some of the bigger (and slightly older) girls, and brought them in at night. I thought because I was doing this gradually and had been giving medicated feed I could avoid a coccidiosis crisis, which is what I suspect I have on my hands. (Please tell me if you think it is something else.)

    A few days ago, two of the chicks began fluffing their feathers and acting listless, huddling. I noticed bloody poop. I put the 8 others outside for good because the brooder no longer seemed very healthy and they were ready anyway. I continued with the medicated feed, began putting cider vinegar in their water (per instructions I read here), and yesterday acquired some Corid which I diluted in the water of the sick chicks still in the brooder. Sadly, I think they're goners; they are so frail and sad.

    Now I am worried about the other chicks; every time I look at them I think I see ruffled feathers and huddling, and then a minute later they seem okay. I decided to give them a round of Corid 9.6% -- 2 TBS per gallon based on the numbers I've seen on this site. But I don't want to poison them! And they will be sharing this water with the big birds. Is this the right amount for chicks? Is this okay for big birds? Should I be doing this? Is this even coccidiosis, given that I've been using medicated feed? What else can I do? I could use help! Thanks so much.
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    Sounds like cocci, dose all the chicks and do the full course. Make sure medicated water is the only water and just fresh water. No additives or extras till they recover.

    Your problem is probably in the exposure. Too much, at one time, without acclimation to the protozoa. For medicated feed to actually work, you need to expose the baby chicks to soil from outside as early as possible. Else they have nothing to build an immunity to and the cocci drug does nothing. It only prevents the cocci from reproducing in the chicks, so they have a better chance at becoming immune instead of sick. Medicated feed is not a vaccination. Best of luck.


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